A Day in the life of a Field Manager – Part 1 – Mornings!

My role is as a Field Manager on one of the many plantations on West New Britain. Let me tell you how that works. My day starts at 3.55am when my alarm goes off, it then ends 30 seconds later when I hit the snooze button, and fall back to sleep. I then wake up… Continue reading A Day in the life of a Field Manager – Part 1 – Mornings!

A start in PNG

The plane touched down at Hoskins airport, West New Britain. I was here to take up a new job as an assistant manager at a palm oil plantation. I had never been to this part of the world or worked in palm oil before. It was a whole new experience for me, and so it… Continue reading A start in PNG

Namba wan Post

So I work in Tropical Agriculture, sounds great doesn’t it, how about I work in the Palm Oil Industry? All turn away in shock with images of homeless Orangutans, burning forests and drying peat bogs. It’s a complicated issue and to be honest, it’s too complicated for me to try deal with it all right… Continue reading Namba wan Post